BulletM2-HP WiFi Range Extender‏

>>>BulletM2-HP WiFi Range Extender‏

BulletM2-HP WiFi Range Extender‏


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Medium WiFi Range Extender‏
• Complete Outdoor A.P wireless Or Station kit allows you to connect any 360 network,
• Up to 1.5 Km range with speed up to 100Mbps.
• Unobstructed Line of sight is recommended.

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The BulletM2-HP Wi-Fi Range Extender‏ kit that allowed user to connect multiple networks (only one network at same time) in click of button.
The powerful BulletM2-HP enable to rich long distance and high power ,thanks to special design , eliminate the need for RF cables,
This increase Rx sensitive and Tx power, reduce RF noise and make it efficient  for A.P or Station client.
No signal lost on RF cable, and flexibility with Omni antenna enable this kit to connect network 360 deg around.
This kit suitable for all water condition.

Whats included in this BulletM2-HP WiFi Range Extender‏ kit :
1x Outdoor A.P UbiquiTi BulletM2-HP
1x 8dBi L-com omni Antenna
1x Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE)
one year warranty includes

** This system is designed to work according to the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Communications

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