Long Range WiFi Range Extender

>>>Long Range WiFi Range Extender

Long Range WiFi Range Extender


Long Range WiFi Range Extender
• Perfect system for simple installation of increasing range for internet connection.
• Suitable for outdoor conditions, compliance with all weather conditions.
• Up to 20 km and speed up to 100 MB.
• For use in line of sight conditions.

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Long Range WiFi Range Extender
The Long Range WiFi Range Extender‏‏ allows you to connect to a remote wireless network at the touch of a button.
The kit is based on the powerful UbiquiTi BulletM2-HP device and a powerful HyperLink 24dBi antenna
And turns them together into a perfect system.
With advanced design, the BulletM2-HP does not require RF cable connections that interfere with transmission
And reception power and cause attenuation.
The device is connected and is inserted directly on the antenna for unmatched performance.
A WiFi Range Extender‏ kit allows you to use the kit as an access point or as a receiver
To connect to a remote wireless network.
Without the need for hardware change, system configuration is done through a regular browser and the system
Setup is as simple as any standard wireless router.
The system increases the range of wireless surfing allows the arrival of distances tens of kilometers,
depending on the conditions of the terrain and basic conditions.

The system Wireless Bridge includes :
• Access Point UbiquiTi BulletM2-HP
• HyperLink Powerfull Grid Antenna 24dBi
• PoE

** This kit should be used according to the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Communications

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